Coaching and Consulting

The Consultant's Role

A consultant is hired hourly to:

  • provide answers
  • recommends actions geared to
  • solve problems.

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$75 per hour
Proceeds support

1 hour

"Holistic" takes into account that you are a 3-part being. You are not just an employee who must carry out a specific task. A task lists never brought anyone lasting happiness. You are a person with a divine purpose. Our job together is to find that purpose, develop it, and put it into practice.

Teré Foster

Well-Being and Intentional Living

Coach, Consultant, Educator
Conscious Creative Social Transformationist

Columbia, MO

Hello, My name is Teré Foster.
(Teré rhymes with "Hurray!")

Well-Being is my passion.
Well-being is multi-dimensional.
Transformation is a holistic progression
towards greater well-being.
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The Coach's Role

Coaches are retained on a monthly basis to:

  • explains a principal or process
  • motivates the client to take action
  • based upon their highest priorities

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$247 - 4 weeks
Proceeds support

4 Weeks

1 hour phone session per week.

Unlock well-being on all 7 levels:

Financial Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Career Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Social Well-Being
Community Well-Being
Global Well-Being



  • Before we begin our climb we must know where we are now.
  • Life is often an up-hill climb followed by a down-hill slide.
  • What part of the cycle are you experiencing today?



  • Second, before we can begin a journey we must know where we are going.
  • Well-Being practices will help to eliminate pain in body, mind and spirit.
  • Beyond eliminating pain, what fulfillment can you imagine for yourself?



  • Once we know where we are and where we are going, we must decide what to take with us.
  • We also must decide what to leave behind.
  • We begin to drop the burdens that weigh us down and let go of them.
  • The more weight we let go of the faster can climb!

What is happiness?

Getting what you hope for?

Having your needs met?

Being loved?

Loving others?

Having your health?

Having plenty of energy?

All of the above?

Well-Being is seeking for more than temporary good fortune.

Well-Being is holistic happiness that comes from a connection of body, mind and spirit, inter-dependence, feeling connection with God, being part of something larger than one person alone are components of holistic happiness.

Walk the Path to Well-Being

  • Step 1. Raise Your Self-Awareness
    -enjoy a confidential telephone session.
  • Step 2. Measure Your Own Well-Being
    -use our tools to assess where you are at the moment
  • Step 3. Create an Action Plan Together
    -set strategies to close the gaps in your well-being.
  • Step 4. Practice and Develop
    -refine your efforts with accountability and support from your consultant.
  • Step 5. Prepare to Transition
    -learn how to handle setbacks, when to retest your well-being, and how to hold your gains.
  • Step 6. Discover and Develop
    -find your life purpose and create a strategy to live it in an authentic way
  • Step 7. Expand and Multiply
    -Apply your training as a coach or consultant to develop your life purpose and your income doing what you love!

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