The Book

Highest Well-Being

Foster well-being in yourself and others through sustainable living in seven dimensions.

My name is Teré Foster. Teré (rhymes with hooray) and is the first half of Teresa.  I am the author of the book Highest Well Being. The book shares the vision of creating a housing cooperative together that is a self-contained, self-sustaining, self-governing, human eco-system that is planned, designed, owned and operated by its members with the specific intention of reaching for highest well-being. This futuristic hub will provide food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental, but also equality, inclusion, connection, purpose, meaning, and a sense of belonging. We call this hub “Hub Om” and to my knowledge it is the first socio-economic governance system designed by a woman.

This vision is bold and forward thinking but as we all watch society race to destruction by ignoring principles of highest well-being, many of us can agree that the condition of the world demands bold action. I have made Highest Well-Being my life purpose due to an enriching yet challenging childhood. I have made a lifelong study of happiness and well-being and have been inspired to share my vision with anyone who is ready for a change.

To fulfill this vision, I have not only written a book describing this socio-economic governance system that leads to highest well-being but have also created a significant web presence and online education program designed to be offered in combination with this book through frequent workshops and retreats. I have developed a membership organization called “” so that hubs will be built online first, to nurture a new mindset and lay the foundation for highest well-being for our members, then in person, to put these new principles into action and take this dream to a physical reality.

In its final stages, each futurist, self-contained hub will house about 2500 people. Additional living space will be offered to the public as a spa and resort where visitors can experience a working prototype of sustainable living and have opportunities for learning, for healing, and for ascension to highest well-being. But the first step of developing a hub in any community is to offer outreach and education to the local community and generate revenue as a group for the eventual hub building project. In this way we can build futuristic hubs from the inside out, by setting our intentions on building highest well-being for ourselves and others, one local hub at a time.