The Course

The Steps:

  • Step 1. Assess Well-Being
    -use our tools to assess your well-being in 7 dimensions
  • Step 2. Raise Your Self-Awareness
    -enjoy a confidential telephone session
  • Step 3. Action Plan
    -set strategies to fill the gaps in your well-being
  • Step 4. Practice Makes Perfect
    -double your efforts with accountability and support
  • Step 5. Transition and Transform
    -learn how to handle setbacks and get back on track
  • Step 6. Discover and Develop
    -find your life purpose and create a strategy to live it in an authentic way
  • Step 7. Expand and Multiply
    -foster well-being in others!

  • Greater well-being in 7 Dimensions
  • Increase Emotional Well-Being
  • Eat a Plant Based Diet
  • Exercise for fun!
  • Reduce Stress on Naturally
  • Get Organized
  • Improve Relationships
  • Be Creative
  • Tune into Your Spirituality
  • Tap into Your Strengths
  • Find your Life Purpose
  • Develop Your Vision
  • See the Bigger Picture
  • Contribute to the Community
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Organize Awareness Events


  • Focus on what you want, not what you don't want.
  • Become the Solution, not the Problem
  • Find the Highest Version of You!
  • Change the World

Do you prefer self-education or would you like a teacher?



What does a coach do?

Coaches are retained on a monthly basis to help you achieve long-term goals such as:

  • starting a business
  • losing weight
  • writing a book
  • launching an idea
  • developing a life purpose
  • developing a new habit
  • getting organized
  • finding your voice
  • breaking free
  • spiritual cleansing
  • hanging in therek

1 month

$247 - 4 weeks

phone sessions, text, email, videos

First 7 days: 

  • learning
  • planning
  • goal-setting

Next 21 days: instilling a new habit.

Month end: Re-evaluate




What does a consultant do?

A consultant is hired hourly for a short-term goal such as:

  • identifying problems
  • providing answers
  • recommending actions
  • to solve specific problems

Let's get started today!


1 hour

$75 per hour

Teré Foster

Well-Being Coach and Consultant

Columbia, MO