Walk the Path to Well-Being

  • Step 1. Raise Your Self-Awareness
    -enjoy a confidential telephone session.
  • Step 2. Measure Your Own Well-Being
    -use our tools to assess where you are at the moment
  • Step 3. Create an Action Plan Together
    -set strategies to close the gaps in your well-being.
  • Step 4. Practice and Develop
    -refine your efforts with accountability and support from your consultant.
  • Step 5. Prepare to Transition
    -learn how to handle setbacks, when to retest your well-being, and how to hold your gains.
  • Step 6. Discover and Develop
    -find your life purpose and create a strategy to live it in an authentic way
  • Step 7. Expand and Multiply
    -Apply your training as a coach or consultant to develop your life purpose and your income doing what you love!

Become a Consultant

Become a
Consultant or Coach

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The mission of this training is to teach leaders how to systematically elevate themselves and others to greater well-being.

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Training Package:

$222 a month
for 8 months

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When you complete the training you will be equipped to initiate a "well-being hub" in your local area:

teach classes,

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host think tanks,

share videos,

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This certification allows you to earn money as a coach or consultant.